Response to a Serenade: Abraham Lincoln, November 10, 1864

Abraham Lincoln greeted singing crowds following the assurance of his re-election on this day in 1864. In his words I am reminded of the incredible importance of being a true American citizen: that… Continue reading

She Sedd Press

Greetings! She Sedd Press is your new source of great stories. Check out the first title, The Clear Case, which you can buy on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle ebook Check back soon… Continue reading

Evoking Lincoln: The Internet Address

Eleven score and seventeen years ago, our political leaders brought forth on this continent, a new system, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all people are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great… Continue reading

A Culture of Because

I was thinking recently about how we solve conflicts as human beings, particularly in the west. We end conflicts through force, hostility, war. We end conflicts in punishment. We end conflicts in revenge.… Continue reading

Dance-Movie Derby: Strictly Ballroom

To resume the Derby, since I’m feeling blog rusty, I will talk to you about an Australian film by Baz Luhrmann, Strictly Ballroom. I think this is a really great dance movie because… Continue reading

“Don’t Look At What I’m Eating.” The Contamination of an Eating Disorder

I have not been hospitalized for an eating disorder. I actually never admitted to a healthcare professional that I engaged in Anorexic behavior until I was in college. This post might be triggering… Continue reading

I Dreamed of Middle School and Found Apathy

My mom once said that she thought middle school existed to protect little kids from the monsters that are 12 — 14 year olds. I asked her why we couldn’t just go on… Continue reading

The Limitations of Language: High School Students Recite the Pledge in Arabic, People Piss Themselves.

I try not to be terribly combative in real life. It’s a struggle because I have a temper. I have discovered an activity that helps me be more patient and also helps me… Continue reading

Aunty Ranger, What Am I and Where Did I Come From?

Mary Sue, That is a great question! I bet you ask because it’s your birthday! You are six years old today! Do you know what a birthday is? Yes, that’s right; it’s the… Continue reading

Hoarded into my Heart

I was about twelve when I walked into an alcove that branched off into three arteries leading you to various parts of the house. It was a Labyrinth that homed a rounder goblin… Continue reading