Another Rant about Hipsters amidst the noise.

6 01 2011

Everybody hates hipsters. “Look at this fucking hipster,” I hear you say. So, I want to engage this phenomenon before it dies. It will eventually fade away from discussion because they will become more ubiquitous. Too many young kids will grow up to be hipsters. It has already jumped the shark.

So I just want to talk about a specific group of phonies who fit this bill. I want to talk about the hipster as the opposite of somebody who has a lot invested in authenticity, sincerity, and the ability to take and give constructive and effective criticism. Hipsters can handle none of these things.

A lot of people embrace the American-Apparel and thrift-store aesthetic and that does not make them hipsters, necessarily. I have some shirts of American Apparel. They’re nice. I’m not a hipster. It’s unfair, I think, to categorize hipsters based on looks. That’s profiling, man.

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