Ranger Bagel

In a world of gawking and blogging and all that shit, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring as a superior critic.

I love all things Cal, performance art, geekery, film, literature, pop culture, and Star Trek.

Hopefully with the aid of others I can teach you to read the things I read and love that which I love so much more.

If you have a question, please leave me a comment, friend me on Facebook, or tweet @rangerbagel.

9 responses

8 04 2010

Your insights are your insights because they are your insights and I love that you have insights….and you’re willing to share them. I also like that you are continuing to learn…and those lessons are for all of us.

Thank You Young Edd!

29 01 2013

You should email me, friend.

– Joshua Meredith
Rio Linda ’05(ish)

30 01 2013
Catherine W.

Enjoyed reading your comments on the news article regarding students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. I share your sentiments but you have a true gift with words. I tried to find you on FB but no luck. I was going to break my rule of not friending strangers. It’s not often I run across someone who inspires me enough to break one of my own rules :-)

30 01 2013
Ranger Bagel

Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. I hope to post more updates here in the future.

19 03 2013
Charles Ross

Block me on FB? Really? What a scared pathetic loser. You are so afraid of what I say. Afraid of the truth. What a disgraceful pathetic joke you are. A genuine progressive bigot. So high and mighty. A mastermind. Fear not people, Ranger The Great is ready to instruct us all as to how we should live.

19 03 2013
Ranger Bagel

I told you I didn’t want to talk to you anymore. If you wonder why, just realize you’re a person who, in response to that direct boundary, chose to harass me publicly on my own website.

I do not want to talk to you. Best of luck.

19 03 2013
Charles Ross

I know Ranger. Projecting again. That’s why you kept responding like a stalker. Like all good progressives, it’s never you, is it? It’s obviously in your DNA. Best of Luck!

20 03 2013

Wait, she’s a stalker because she decided to cut contact with you, so you tracked down her personal website and publicly harassed her on it? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

20 03 2013
Miss K

Now, now, ladies. He’s a MAN, which means he doesn’t have to respect boundaries; he gets to SET boundaries! He doesn’t have to listen to facts or reason; his magical Y chromosome makes everything he says true, regardless of its provenance. Your defective X chromosomes just make you envious of his great inverse logic!!!

Get those shoes off and get back in the kitchens, pronto. For shame.

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