Hoarded into my Heart

17 04 2012

I was about twelve when I walked into an alcove that branched off into three arteries leading you to various parts of the house. It was a Labyrinth that homed a rounder goblin than David Bowie. This strange man had a vague connection to my mother, so we visited. We walked into the home of someone whom I know to be a compulsive hoarder.

He could not get to his bedroom for the extent of clutter. He had garbage collecting dust. He had fifty copper jello molds nailed to the wall above the sink. He had Swastika hat pins. He had 19th century vibrators designed to cure a lady of hysteria.

His son could only make periodic day visits because there was no room for the boy’s bed. When my mother brought along an antiques appraiser, this good goblin man could part with not a single item. He would meditate on the object in his hand and then seem to ingest all of its psychic love. He’d return, unable give up the little thoughtless friend in his palm.

A&E is a freak show for the modern melodramatic age.

It’s still good!

We are the 100%

14 11 2011

Pretty much everyone is talking about world-wide protests and the Occupy movement constantly right now. I talk about it pretty much every day because every day something new happens. With its beginnings I have come to think about how I view the system. The way I look at how economics and social issues relate to each other has evolved drastically as I’ve returned to studying critical theory like Marx, Weber, feminist economists and systems theorists.

Mario Savio on top of police car in front of Sproul Hall. Oct. 1, 1964

Further Political Pontification

Lost and Found in 1997

4 08 2011

spice-girlsI find that I’ve hit a point in my life when I can walk up to the sawed tree trunk of my own life and count the rings by events and transitions. I can place a finger on songs, news, deaths, births, and remember how my eyes focused on things, what my interests were, who I was. I can remember myself as found. I was flowing like the blood of Princess Diana.

go time

A Leave. Forgive.

7 06 2011

I haven’t updated in a while. Do I have avid readers? If I do, I apologize. If I don’t, meh. I am working diligently on a novel at the moment (isn’t everyone who’s bad at math writing a novel?) so I haven’t invested as much time in this forum as I’d like.

I have a few posts drafted, awaiting evolution from their primitive existence. I will finish them! I promise.

So I am not dead. I have not abandoned you, fair reader. I just am occupied with something that you may read after you find the paperback laying on the street.

In the meantime: Christmas!



More Father than Father: Paternal Archetypes and the Death of Tyrell in Blade Runner

11 04 2011

The film Blade Runner is a fascination for me, and a film that I’ve spent a lot of time obsessing over. I wanted to share some of the work I’ve previously done on it and expose it further. It’s very interesting how many allusions are in this film. I’m going to try to deal with a few themes that I think all fit together.


Tombstone: Revelation of the Faustian and the Feminine

8 04 2011


Tombstone is in my opinion a great and beautiful homage to a romantic style of westerns that transcend the horror of killing people and the dirtiness of the frontier, while at the same time remaining brutal. So awesomely brutal.

How did they do this? With Wyatt Earp.

do continue

A Hyatt Trek: My First ST Convention!

17 03 2011

4875869583_70c352a63cIt’s appalling that I haven’t been to a Star Trek Convention, isn’t it? You can say so. It’s completely pathetic. But, you know, I’m a bit of a pup yet and I haven’t previously been able to afford the event. You have to do it right, I discovered.

I’ll explain further


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