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Dance-Movie Derby: Strictly Ballroom

To resume the Derby, since I’m feeling blog rusty, I will talk to you about an Australian film by Baz Luhrmann, Strictly Ballroom. I think this is a really great dance movie because… Continue reading

Tombstone: Revelation of the Faustian and the Feminine

Tombstone is in my opinion a great and beautiful homage to a romantic style of westerns that transcend the horror of killing people and the dirtiness of the frontier, while at the same… Continue reading

Dance-Movie Derby: Dirty Dancing

As I have said, I have a deep affinity for dance movies. I believe that it’s important to apply the skills of criticism and analysis to the things we love, rather than trying… Continue reading

Dance-Movie Derby: An Introduction

I really love Dance Movies. They’re corny and cliche, yet often transcend their faults and return somehow into the realm of awesome. I want to share the analysis and pleasure of Dance Movies… Continue reading