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Evoking Lincoln: The Internet Address

Eleven score and seventeen years ago, our political leaders brought forth on this continent, a new system, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all people are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great… Continue reading

A Culture of Because

I was thinking recently about how we solve conflicts as human beings, particularly in the west. We end conflicts through force, hostility, war. We end conflicts in punishment. We end conflicts in revenge.… Continue reading

The Limitations of Language: High School Students Recite the Pledge in Arabic, People Piss Themselves.

I try not to be terribly combative in real life. It’s a struggle because I have a temper. I have discovered an activity that helps me be more patient and also helps me… Continue reading

Time vs. Money vs. Effort: DIY and the Modern Era

I am really not the type of person that muses on “the good old days.” I was born in 1988. The “good old days” for me included the Spice Girls.  So, really, I’m… Continue reading