More Father than Father: Paternal Archetypes and the Death of Tyrell in Blade Runner

The film Blade Runner is a fascination for me, and a film that I’ve spent a lot of time obsessing over. I wanted to share some of the work I’ve previously done on… Continue reading

Tombstone: Revelation of the Faustian and the Feminine

Tombstone is in my opinion a great and beautiful homage to a romantic style of westerns that transcend the horror of killing people and the dirtiness of the frontier, while at the same… Continue reading

A Hyatt Trek: My First ST Convention!

It’s appalling that I haven’t been to a Star Trek Convention, isn’t it? You can say so. It’s completely pathetic. But, you know, I’m a bit of a pup yet and I haven’t… Continue reading

Senbazuru: Wishes for the End of Vengeance

I woke up on a Friday, March 11th, 2011, feeling fresh, peaceful, surprisingly well rested. My roommate was still in his room having not left for work. He was standing watching his television.… Continue reading

Pumpkin Thunkin: Thoughts on the Sophistication of Halloween.

My buddies had a pumpkin-carving party that is becoming what I hope to be annual. Unfortunately I was sick and could not attend. Had I attended, however, I would’ve carved a complex design… Continue reading

Dance-Movie Derby: Dirty Dancing

As I have said, I have a deep affinity for dance movies. I believe that it’s important to apply the skills of criticism and analysis to the things we love, rather than trying… Continue reading

Dance-Movie Derby: An Introduction

I really love Dance Movies. They’re corny and cliche, yet often transcend their faults and return somehow into the realm of awesome. I want to share the analysis and pleasure of Dance Movies… Continue reading

Things I learned from Brent Spiner (Wondercon 2010)

As I mentioned, I love Wondercon. I don’t think anyone doubts my love of it.  This year I discovered something new to love about Wondercon and that is the possibility of meeting your… Continue reading

Things I learned from Marina Sirtis (Wondercon 2010)

I love Wondercon. At Moscone center in San Francisco thousands of nerds, dorks, geeks, spazzes, dweebs, poindexters, and their unsuspecting normal friends gather to search hungrily through bins and bins and  bins of… Continue reading