Hoarded into my Heart

I was about twelve when I walked into an alcove that branched off into three arteries leading you to various parts of the house. It was a Labyrinth that homed a rounder goblin… Continue reading

We are the 100%

Pretty much everyone is talking about world-wide protests and the Occupy movement constantly right now. I talk about it pretty much every day because every day something new happens. With its beginnings I… Continue reading

More Father than Father: Paternal Archetypes and the Death of Tyrell in Blade Runner

The film Blade Runner is a fascination for me, and a film that I’ve spent a lot of time obsessing over. I wanted to share some of the work I’ve previously done on… Continue reading

Tombstone: Revelation of the Faustian and the Feminine

Tombstone is in my opinion a great and beautiful homage to a romantic style of westerns that transcend the horror of killing people and the dirtiness of the frontier, while at the same… Continue reading

A Hyatt Trek: My First ST Convention!

It’s appalling that I haven’t been to a Star Trek Convention, isn’t it? You can say so. It’s completely pathetic. But, you know, I’m a bit of a pup yet and I haven’t… Continue reading

Senbazuru: Wishes for the End of Vengeance

I woke up on a Friday feeling fresh, peaceful, surprisingly well rested. My roommate was still in his room having not left for work. He was standing watching his television. “There were giant… Continue reading

Tron and Beauty for Beauty’s Sake

I went to go see Burlesque last night with my buddy, and while this post is not about that movie at all, it brought us to an interesting discussion. Can a film still… Continue reading

Pumpkin Thunkin: Thoughts on the Sophistication of Halloween.

My buddies had a pumpkin-carving party that is becoming what I hope to be annual. Unfortunately I was sick and could not attend. Had I attended, however, I would’ve carved a complex design… Continue reading

Time vs. Money vs. Effort: DIY and the Modern Era

I am really not the type of person that muses on “the good old days.” I was born in 1988. The “good old days” for me included the Spice Girls.  So, really, I’m… Continue reading

Our Sturdy Golden Bear: The Need for Cal Support

Cal baseball is being cut and Cal Rugby is losing Varsity status. This is just another example of how Cal Alumni fall down on the job. If you went to Cal and you… Continue reading